Community Living

It’s in our name, and it’s what we strive to achieve for individuals dealing with intellectual disabilities.

Community living can be independent, collaborative, supportive and productive. It’s a way of life that respects the individual, and enhances wellness, health and safety for all.

  • MCL has been helping individuals with intellectual disabilities become independent members of their communities since 1989.
  • We are a team of 125 caring, dedicated employees, including case managers, certified practical nurses, counsellors, personal care providers, managers and administrators.
  • We collaborate with a circle of health care professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists and other members of our clients’ support network.
  • Based in Nova Scotia, we offer a variety of at-home and residential options to support independent living, with locations in the Halifax Regional Municipality and in Pictou County.
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Residential Services

Licensed Homes for Special Care, as defined by the NS Department of Community Services, include the following options:

  • Small Option Home (SOH): community homes and support for 3 - 4 individuals, supported by qualified staff through both live-in and shift models.
  • Group Homes/Developmental Residences: programs and residences for 4 - 12 individuals with intellectual disabilities, long-term mental illnesses or physical disabilities. These homes emphasize inter-personal skills, community oriented skills, and daily living activities.
  • Residential Care Facilities: a residential support option for 4 or more adults with disabilities, who require minimal support and supervision with routine personal-care activities, community skills and activities, and illness supervision.
  • Adult Residential Centres: long-term structured supports and services to adults with disabilities to enhance development of interpersonal, community oriented, and daily living activities. Qualified, on-site professional staff support is provided 24/7.
  • Regional Rehabilitation Centres: programs and residences for adults with disabilities requiring a strong level of support and supervision related to complex behavioral challenges and skill development needs. Qualified, on-site professional staff support is provided 24/7.
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Independent Living Support Services

Independent Living Support (ILS), as defined by the NS Department of Community Services, is a community based option for eligible participants who are semi independent and require support to live on their own.

“The purpose of the ILS program is to promote independence, self-reliance, security and social inclusion by creating a flexible and responsive delivery system that incorporates the strengths of a participant, their personal and community resources, and approved ILS Service Providers.” – Nova Scotia Department of Community Services

As an approved ILS Service Provider, MCL uses this individually-directed, collaborative approach, to help participants:

  • maximize independence in daily living, by: maintaining a household; doing laundry; shopping and banking; preparing meals; using transportation for community access; participating in leisure, volunteer, or work activities;
  • build and maintain connections and relationships with family, friends and other community members;
  • maintain health and wellness; and,
  • recognize their potential and embrace opportunities for growth and personal development.

To apply for these community living assistance programs, first contact your local office of the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services